Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From our trip to the seaside

But we did take a break from the packing and went on an impromptu trip to the seaside, just before the weather turned stormy the day after we got back...

There are more pictures from that trip on my other blog.

Suddenly it's all happening quite quickly...

So here's Lottie "helping" me pack. She loves climbing into containers. I wouldn't be surprised if she accidentally gets packed into a box on moving day.

If all goes well, we should be moving in just over two weeks. We've been giving stuff away, throwing stuff away, selling stuff, packing, sorting through donated baby clothes, going to ante-natal classes and I have been trying to see as many of my friends as possible without tiring myself out.

Suddenly I'm 32 weeks along and in the process of moving house and changing midwives. And I have about 5 weeks of work left before starting maternity leave!

Some days I take it all in my stride, other days it seems so unreal.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Life and all that...

So after not drawing for many months, I had the urge to pick up my pen the other day. Not with the aim of making a good picture or creating art, but just to look and see and be quiet and be in the present moment and draw. So here it is, my page of just drawing...and yes, that is Jakey in the bottom corner there. He settled himself in front of me and purred away happily.

The sun has also finally graced us with its presence, it's actually really warm now, it actually feels like the season has changed and I can wear my summer dresses! Hurrah!! Indeed, here is a photo of me enjoying one of those dresses, with a view of the bump from above. Not even the hoardes of tactless acquaintances and perfect strangers remarking on my enormousness (and I only have about 3 more months of this to go!!!) can put me off enjoying the sunshine and my summer dresses!

Only thing about the warm weather is that I feel less like knitting. But perhaps I will start a little hat knitted with cotton yarn soon.

And finally, after the reprieve we got from our landlady, we decided to move sooner rather than later after all. We got talking to some people with kids and they all said it would be easier to move before the baby comes than moving with a newborn. So we went out and found ourselves a gorgeous flat to rent in my old neighbourhood. Not only is it cosier, homelier and lovelier in many ways, and on a quieter street, it's also cheaper. Sometimes, it's easy to believe that life is on your side.

Wishing you many happy sunny days...