Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Parque Maria Luisa

For my drawing in colour course, drawing in a park or garden
Parque Maria Luisa, Seville 13.3.06 & 20.3.06, drawn with pencil and markers.

My tutor's comments: I like the way you have used an olive green against a yellow to represent light and shadow. I like the way that you are beinning to think of colour tonally here and consider them not on their own but in relation to one another. For me this beings to open up the possibility of a more sensitive way of working with colour. It seems that with the introduction of this olive green against the yellow there is the beginning of a more spatial awareness of colour, using colour to repsent light and to describe form and space in the way that Paul Cezanne or (early) Matisse might use colour. 1.4.06 Posted by Picasa


bingo and betty said...

... good drawing Tammy.

Cin said...

oh yes wonderful! love the colors, textures created with the leaves and grasses, composition

daddylonglegs said...