Friday, June 09, 2006

the kitty & the moon

The kitty sleeps and dreams of acquiring wisdom in his old age, along with a bed of fleecy softness and a pillow moon.

Pencil, marker and conte crayon on craft paper.

This is one of the few drawings I've done this week, I've sooooo been neglecting my drawing...arrrrrgggghhhh! That's what happens when you try to do too many things at once like study for a total change in career while also working, and such like. In just a short while of not drawing regularly, I can already feel my confidence wobble. I'm afraid of making mistakes and feeling rusty and getting it wrong and things turning out crap. Feels like I'm going back to square one and starting over, but that's not such a bad thing. Beginners mind isn't a bad place to be. Hence, I will do at least one drawing every day for the next week (starting today), and they will all be posted, good or bad. Danny Gregory's words on mistakes will spur me on,

"Don't erase. 'Mistakes' are your lessons. See your drawing objectively, understand why you drew what you did. Draw a new line on top where you think it 'should' go. Don't toss out drawings that didn't go the way you wanted to, but acknowledge that they're just a record of a way of seeing - too hasty, too cramped, a reflection nonetheless. We're not making pretty, perfect pictures. We're making a record of how we see. Take a breather and think, observe, feel, and then go back to it or start anew; then compare. Be sincere. Personal. Thoughtful. Honest. Open. Don't worry about accuracy and perfection." - from The Creative License, pg. 86

And by the way, listening to Richard Hawley's new album Coles Corner doesn't hurt either. His voice makes me feel soooooo chillled.

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Teri C said...

Oh NO, don't give up. It's like riding a bike-jump back on and start sketching!! Love your cat.