Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pet Meme

Hello, I've been tagged by shadows and clouds to do the pet meme.

Here are Lottie & Jakey's (or Latey & Jockey as I called them the other day) responses:

1. Favourite songs/music:

Lottie - I don't do human music. My favourite sounds are: silence, Mummy or Daddy typing on the computer, the key turning in the front door, the shaking of the biscuit box, the pulling away of the rubbish trucks on Wednesdays.

Jakey - the theme tune to the x-files, shaking of the biscuit box, tins being opened, kitchen cupboard door being opened, fridge being opened, name being called for laptime.

2. Favourite toys:

Lottie - anything that moves suddenly which I can chase - flies, bugs, etc, and feet, especially bare ones.

Jakey - pens, Mummy's knitting needles while she's knitting.

3. Favourite food:

Lottie - ham.

Jakey - everything.

4. Favourite activities:

Lottie - staring into space, staring out the kitchen window, staring, keeping watch for potential danger, sniffing things - especially feet, resting between people's legs and feet while they are standing, purring on laps, meowing outside closed doors, napping.

Jakey - eating, having conversations with Mummy & Daddy, licking Mummy & Daddy's hands and arms, running about the house as if being chased by an invisible fiend, sitting on laps, cushions, blankets - anything warm, and sleeping.

5. Bad habits:

Lottie - meowing (whining) outside the bedroom door when Mummy & Daddy are inside and even when they aren't, trying to jump on the dining table when Mummy & Daddy are eating, suddenly scrabbling off laps without warning and causing injury while doing so, chewing on Mummy's hair, whining when I don't get my way.

Jakey - overeating, eating Lottie's food, having a go at Lottie for no reason (see ninja paw move in picture above) though perhaps I just don't like her whining.


nĂ  said...

what great little creatures! thanks for playing!!! they sound sooooo funny, i want to meet them!!! please tell them that padmina says hi!!

studio lolo said...

I take it the beautiful ATC you sent me is a portrait of Miss Lottie? I've finally posted her on my blog! And now that I know you're having a mind is turning :)
Thanks again, Tammy. That was such a sweet surprise to get in the mail! I hope you're feeling well. Looks like your new hobby of knitting is keeping you busy! When are you due??