Friday, March 21, 2008

Other projects on the go...

So I've now got just 16 squares left to knit for my baby blanket!!!

And just to make life a bit more interesting, I've also started another couple of projects - a chunky red scarf for moi (using Rowan Classic Cashsoft Chunky wool) and a second baby scarf (using Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino Aran wool), this time in moss seed stitch in a light lilac colour.

Whatever you're up to this Easter weekend, have a good one!


nĂ  said...

lush!!! and crikey, you're so clever!!! that moss seed stich is lovely, i'd never heard of it before! what lovely colours too!

i miss you!!!

have a good easter weekend hi to mr p and little g!

Anonymous said...

You clever person! The wool looks lovely, is it Debbie Bliss? Lovely stuff that, so soft too!

Hope you had a good EBH weekend, thanks for stopping by! :o)

Marie-Dom said...

I shall watch your knitting adventures closely.....I've got an urge to knit too, but my knitting skills are very very poor,so maybe you will motivate me. Love what you have done so far.