Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some spare stones

7 July ~ Judy smiles and tells me to relax.  In two breaths, on pink graph paper, the silent tracing of my heart.

8 July ~ At Grandma & Grandad's - I kiss Jake good morning.  He smells of bacon though none's been cooked for days.

9 July ~ Donald visits with Dizzy the dog, her tail whacks Grandma on her bandaged knee, Jake takes one look at her and runs back outside.

10 July ~ at a bus stop, the folds of a man's carrier bag reads "together we'll beat er"

Today ~ Pink dahlias as large as Jake's head bloom by the side of Blackhorse Road

At the playground ~ five sparrows take a dust bath in the calm between children's footfalls

At the doctor's office ~ boxes of leaflets left opened on low tables, their titles peek out in red:

"Eating for your heart" and "How to live with heart failure"


Just wanted to say I'm sorry that my main stones blog doesn't have the capacity for people to leave comments.  I chose that layout for its prettiness and didn't realise till after. 

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Susannah said...

I love your 'stones'. They're wonderful. :-)