Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eight T's for Illustration Friday

Better late than never! Inspired by shadows and clouds, I decided to draw eight t's as well, eight objects beginning with the letter 't'. A nice way to ease me back into drawing. The eight are: toaster, tea bag, tray, trinket box, toilet paper, Toby, teaspoon and a tail that someone sent me the other day.


Teri C said...

So clever! And funny!

HARDWAX said...

Glad to see you!
I like this, and made me wonder how many words begin with the letter T, I'm up to about 80,000,000,000 and counting.
Really nice sketches and lots of fun, except for me counting all those Ts!

Twisselman said...

Very cool idea, executed very nicely. Toby is the stuffed animal in the center, yes? I especially like the 'tail' in the upper right.
Sorry to read about your loss further down in your blog.

Melissa Connolly said...

Wonderful to see you back! I love the layering of these sketches. Great variety and a clever spin on this week's topic. :-) Keep at it!

All the best,

kookyknut said...

i was a bit of a smarty-pants as well... except I did 8 Es :) I like all the overlapping and use of colour to differentiate between objects. very cool.

changapeluda said...

And I love me a Good Toaster!