Thursday, January 04, 2007


Caesar is unwell and I'm worried and sad. He's just not himself at all. He had a check up on Saturday and he was fine then. But since we brought him back, he's lost his appetite, hardly moves and doesn't even say hello to us anymore, and he's usually such a sociable and talkative little fella. If you're reading this, please send happy thoughts to our little cat. Thank you.


Melissa Connolly said...

I'm sending all good thoughts your way for your kitty! I love your kitty pictures and hope Caesar gets better soon. My cat (Simon) went through a similar bizarre phase recently - He must have eaten something or other. The vet filled him with fluids and he got over it OK. Maybe take yours back to the vet to see if anything new pops up. Good luck, best wishes, happy thoughts! He'll be OK! :-)


arvindh said...

Caesar: get well soon and be your cheerful talkative self!

JacqueLynn said...

Wow, I really like this image, the feel of it and the use of the wash, it works really well. I sure hope your cat is doing much better now.