Thursday, April 12, 2007

the blue room - work in progress

Remember this place Na?


nĂ  said...

agh! i so would like to go back there! of course i remember it! as soon as i read the title i wanted to write a comment, "do you remember our blue room days?" then i scrolled down and saw your message - agh, i would so like to go there - right now! friday late afternoon after work - can you make it? in an hour, at the tables, looking at the pictures on the walls, listening to the music, absorbing the atmosphere, chattering away! 'miss you and the blue room! sob!

HARDWAX said...

From looking at the sketch and the sketch with the blocking in of color-gotta be real good end result, can't wait. Fascinating!

Nina said...

you tulips are so expressive. each petal is like a tendon to a muscle. quite similar to the works of egon schiele.

I wish I am as talented as you are!