Tuesday, April 15, 2008

26 weeks

Some of you have asked about tummy growth updates. Well, this is me, right now, at 26 weeks. And trying to stay positive about having to move soon. We just found out our landlady wants her house back. This is one of the perils of renting of course, but why did it have to be now? We have a month or so to sort something out.

UPDATE: Our landlady has given us a 6 month reprieve so we don't have to move now till November. Phew! I had been considering showing up at her door and guilt tripping her with the bump but now I don't have to.


Mim said...

Oh that isn't fair! Not will all the nesting you are doing, but it's probably easier now than after the baby is born.
Good luck

nĂ  said...

good luck with the househunt. you look so lovely! what a tummy you have there! you're lovely!

AnnieElf said...

What a relief to read that you do not have to move right away after all. You look just beautiful in your portrait above. Love the blue kitty. Can't wait to see it completed. Many blessings for you and the baby, Annie

Nina said...

Bum is looking UKTRA good Tammy!!!!
Gosh, I have been ueber crap at getting in touch but be aware - you are in my mind and heart and been meaning to stick something on the back of the snail mailman for you. But OF COURSE being ultra crap, i haven't managed it...

Anyways, you are lookign very fine...

Hey, are you on for a quick tea/coffee with me on Wednesday/Thursday? I'll be in London then.


Rrramone said...

Dang Tina!! (tribute to Napolean Dynamite :-)

Wishing you peace and relief on your tummy's journey.

changapeluda said...

i thought for sure i had already left a comment here....something about watermelons and smugglingz!

Reprieve is always good!

studio lolo said...

Moving is so stressful! So glad you have a bit of time to plan better. Now I know what I'm sending you...I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner :)
You look beautiful!