Friday, July 18, 2008

How to wait for your baby to arrive...

1. Go for walks (waddles) round the neighbourhood.

2. Try to remember that for every person who ogles your belly in disbelief, there is another who looks at you and smiles.

3. Enjoy everything you are still eating.

4. Watch all those films you've been saving for a rainy day.

5. Start reading a 637 paged novel.

6. Listen to Louis Armstrong.

7. Enjoy watching the new Mom across the street when she feeds her baby by the window.

8. Tell yourself it's perfectly normal to feel the need to pee every time you sit down.

9. Steep yourself in the joy and mystery of the sound of Buddhist monks chanting (and even join in).

10. Listen to Cat Stevens' Ruby My Love as many times as you want because it makes you want to cry with joy.

11. Moan as much as you want, but then be positive.

12. Seek out pleasures like peach icecream and the best jello ever to be made.

13. Write to that juice company to ask them why they put sweetened condensed milk in their fruit juice instead of just complaining about it.

14. Hug your partner, lots.

15. Enjoy the silence.

16. Remember that every mother on earth has gone through this.

17. Remind yourself that it is impossible to stay pregnant forever.

18. Belly dance to The Mercy Seat and Skokian, remembering what the true origins of belly dancing were.

19. Relax, breathe and do nothing else.

20. Remember this:


changapeluda said...

i got chillz!!

and a happy teary TRUE
feeling of anticipational
syncopation witcha!

yay it's almost TIME!

nĂ  said...

you are so very beautiful ms t! and i can't wait for your next visit all together! hugs! awaiting further updates!

andie said...

Awwww, gosh this brings back so many memories (good and bad, lol). Hang in there sweetie and yes, no can be pregnant forever. :) :) :)

Love the rock in the last picture. What a great reminder.
Hugs and blessings your way,

Annie said...

what a beautiful list of waiting activities. I could hear the quiet within you.

Mim said...

Are you SURE it can't last forever?

Lovely post...

changapeluda said...

(& i mean that in the deeepest sense)

The waiting is over.


Rrramone said...

your baby is so cute!!