Sunday, July 27, 2008

My little wriggler

Baby Jake arrived on Wednesday 23rd July at 8:45am. He was born at home, weighing in at 8.5lbs, and only a day late!

The labour went well, an intense and quick 7 hours and was all natural except for a couple of hours while I was sucking on the Entonox resisting the urge to push till I was fully dilated. That Entonox is GOOD STUFF!!

Baby Jake is very healthy, a real wriggler! And he's definitely got his Daddy's long legs and feet.

He's crying a lot at the moment though, we think he's finding the heat a bit much, poor little fella.

Despite the lack of sleep and the heat, Paul and I are doing well too and are very happy and busy falling in love with our little boy.

Love to you all.


Teri C said...


Mim said...

Oh, he's beautiful. Congradulations and welcome to the world baby jake!

Nina said...

He is GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations Tammy & Paul!

I noticed the long legs. WOW WOW!

Nina xxxx

hundred and one said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! oohhh, how gorgeous is he!!!!!!!!!