Sunday, August 03, 2008

Life with Jake


Mim said...

He's beautiful - you must be in love

studio lolo said...

Oh, he's perfectly dreamy! Congrats to you and hubby on such a beautiful baby.

There will be a little something coming your way :)


Kat said...

oooh, he's so lovely :)

Nina said...

yum yum!!!
Nina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

changapeluda said...

He's HUGE! yet so tiny....oh! in the last picture his little arm! how it's all straight and relaxed....aren't you amazed at the solid real weight of him???

sooo soo sooo CUTE! and he looks so bright and alert and just plain scrumptious!

Melissa Connolly said...

Jake is gorgeous! Born on my birthday too! Congratulations to you both!

Love, Melissa

changapeluda said...

i came here for a smile today
and i got one

a BIG one.

oh he's so cute/beautiful!

maethebear said...

i finally remembered th email/password combo to get into my blogger,then i was checkin ur page and what do i c-th prettiest baby! thats what u've been up to!congratulations^_^