Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some recent Jake-isms

"Check nemos", as in "Mummy check nemos (emails) on ‘puter (computer)?"

Thank you much.

Inadvertently calling us Theo. As in, "got more food Theo." (After months of this I finally worked out he’s saying for you).

Using v instead of very…v hot that one. Is v cold now.

When he doesn’t like some food he’s just tried, he makes a face and says, “That’s v spicy that one”, even if it was just a slice of granary.

Saying need instead of want.  Need cuggles bit. Or even, Need cuggles want.

Sometimes, he also combines them: nee-want cuggles, nee-want food, nee-want crisps.

Strawb = straw (Nee-want milk with strawb)

Buddy hell!

Oon = balloon (so green balloon is green ‘oon)

And the colour blue is boo, as in "red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and boooo.  I can sing rainbow, sing rainbow, sing rainbow tooooo."

"Negotiating" with Mummy over food, ie, saying no to food offered, then yes, then no. 

Me: Jake, if you say no again, I'm going to put this away.

J: I say no and yes and no and yes.  I say yes now.

Plus, yesterday, he tried conversing with a tree...

J: Hello tree, how are you? (Pause)  Doesn't talk tree.  Mummy, doesn't talk tree.

Me: No darling, it doesn't.

J: Mummy talk though.

And before he goes to bed every night, he kisses the cat goodnight.  Sometimes, they have daytime naps together and get v comfy indeed...


tree shadow moon said...

I'm swooning so much right now you can't quite imagine!!!

Anonymous said...

Bless him! That is all so cute! I particularly like the "I say yes, no, yes, no" one! Snow White is getting more into singing now. Recently we had "hat on, coming out to play, hip hip hooray, coming out to PLAY!... Very good singing Snow White!" Obviously I was being too slow with the Mummy-praise! (p.s. that was "the sun has got his hat on...")

Helen said...

That really is the sweetest picture!