Monday, November 15, 2010


One of the first and many pieces of advice I was given when I first became a mother was this: to keep yourself sane, try and get out of the house at least once a day, even if all you do is walk around the block once.  I haven't always been very good at doing this, but every time that I do, I tell myself that I should do it more often.  It always helps.  Even when the weather is bad.  Sure you get cold or soaked or whipped about a bit by wind, but it does help.  It changes your perspective, and at the very least reminds you that you are connected to a world out there, a world much bigger than you.

Jake isn't at the age anymore when I absolutely have to take him out at least once a day or he will explode.  But it helps.  And I've been far too much inside my own head lately.  So as soon as the sun showed itself today, I took Jake out.  And what a wonder it was.

One moment I was brooding about my life and the next, Jake and I were chasing bubbles and crouching over pretty leaves, ooohing and ahhhing about their colours and the tiny droplets of water still clinging to their surfaces.  It's always there, unfailingly.  The opportunity to change your view, if you can stand to open your eyes and see.  I know we can't always stand to do that, I certainly can't.  But it's good to be reminded.  Especially by something as lovely as a leaf.


Glovecat said...

That's bloody good advice, that is, and I Must Try Harder to Get Out More!
There. Said it. Am also loving the leaves, it's been a particularly beautiful autumn up here in Mid Wales, has it been special down there too?

Rosie Tremain said...

i love your red leaves - you have a great eye for detail....and i agree about getting out once a day. it's a slow spiral otherwise. thanks for your honesty