Friday, August 31, 2012

More food

My breakfast today...cheese on toast, olives and Earl Grey tea

And my lunch...Tortilla Soup and corn on the cob dressed with butter, salt and a squeeze of lime juice

Recipe from Thomasina Miers' book 'Mexican Food Made Simple'
The soup is topped with soured cream, coriander, fried corn tortilla strips, and I used buffalo mozzarella instead of the feta suggested in Tommi's recipe. The texture and milky aftertaste were just perfect.

I'm having pork chops with mushrooms and sweetheart cabbage for dinner.  Can you tell Jake's away?  Photos tomorrow perhaps...


Annette said...

Yum! Are you sure you are across the pond? That looks like a California lunch! Dinner sounds wonderful, too.

changapeluda said...

dayyum! now i really Really wish we were neighbors!! :o] sweetheart cabbabe, indeeed