Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Quietly unravelling

In a few days, Jake will be off to his first day of school.  Of course I knew this day was coming but I still can't quite believe it.  There have been loads of first day of school photos and <sobbing> status updates from Facebook friends going through it already.  In the meantime, Jake and I go through our last days of "freedom" together, as if nothing momentous is about to happen. 

While I was getting on with Mummy stuff, Jake sat and quietly drew.  It is going to be momentous, but it is also going to be one moment sandwiched between many many others.  He is always growing.  Life is always going on.  I am calm right now, but also feel a sense of quiet unravelling. 


BRIDGET said...

Ah.......been there, know that feeling. On a similar - not the same, but similar - journey with my granddaughter

changapeluda said...

Ahh...this looks so lovely & familiar!! amazingly so...yay for our sons!!