Friday, January 11, 2013

11/31 ~ January Mindful Writing

On the overground train, two teenage boys get on at Hackney Downs, talking about exam results.  One is hoping to get two A*'s and an A.  "That would be sweet.  If you get that, it's Cambridge man.  Yup, Cambridge...imagine rocking up there on the first day in that neon tracksuit!"


In the still new waiting room of Children's Outpatients, a lift-the-flap book sits on top of a locked white cabinet, too high for small arms to reach.  On the front cover, a faded sticker that reads, "For Distraction Only."


Leaving the waiting room, someone else's tiny child with big dark eyes and a mini red duffel coat follows us.  Paul has to take her back to her mother.

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