Thursday, January 24, 2013

24/31 ~ January Mindful Writing

Jake puts his red plastic Power Rangers mask over my bum and says, "Oooh, has your boom boom grown, I think it has!!"  I burst into laughter.  His face beams in a smile of pure joy and mischief.
In the crowded cafe, a fancy cook book is open on a display stand some distance away from me.  It takes me a while to realise that the Scared Foie Gras recipe I'd been seeing was, in fact, Seared.
A sip of warm spiced apple cider - tangy sweetness, a hug in a mug, and a star floating on the surface.

It's my birthday.  As birthdays go, it's been alright.  I had a lovely lunch and I wasn't forgotten.  I also have a cold and would love to have seen some sunshine today, but at one point, I did look up and see the sky streaked in white and pale blue, so maybe it's coming.  I've also been humming "Young at Heart" to myself all day, have been for a few days as I'm trying to learn the song on the uke, but it is rather apt for today.  Jake asked me what I wished for this morning.  It is for everyone, and to be as good a uke player as this dude one day...

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Helen said...

Oh, only just saw this, but a belated happy birthday!