Friday, May 26, 2006

I want my time back!!

Where has all the time gone? I've realised that I've let my daily drawing habit did it happen? I know there was the house moving, then the shiatsu practice, but really...I used to find time, even if just 20 minutes in a day, to do a little drawing. I miss it, and want to get back to it. The problem could be that I have a hundred different ideas going on in my head, so many different directions, that I don't know where to make my first step towards any of them. I always do this, plan to do far too much. It's been a long week.

So here's to slowing down, here's to focussing, and here's a start, just a little sketch of Caesar lying on the floor by my side.
Ink and marker pens on craft paper. Posted by Picasa

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arvindh said...

Love the different colours that Caesar is portrayed in! You do a great job painting your cat (The May 28 entry is also excellent!).