Saturday, May 27, 2006

portrait from memory

For my drawing in colour course. The assignment was to draw a portrait from memory. I had five minutes to look at my subject and make some preliminary sketches, then the rest of the portrait had to be completed from what I could remember. Accuracy isn't important here, the point being that what you create from memory is where art begins. Not entirely sure about how successful I've been, but here's my attempt, which I really enjoyed. My choice of colours was based on a gut feeling, I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve and tried my best to work towards that.
Coloured pencil & dry pastels on A2 sized sugar paper.


kat@ohmtastic said...

the lines in this drawing give it a really nice sense of movement....that plus the greenish tint make me think of van gogh.

HARDWAX said...

I wonder how close you came to the way the subject looks, having red your narrative-I know it's not the point of the exercise, curious just the same. There is a contained almost prayerful look to this picture, I like it a lot.

"What you create from memory is where art begins",fascinating-almost everthing on my site is from memory, [a few exceptions], I've often felt that's an impediment to growth [although I enjoy it thoroughly] maybe i'm wrong, I don't know.

andrea said...

This is fantastic and I of course LOVE your kitty watching you. Mine always steps in the paint and gets it every where. You really did a super job on this. It's hard to get a realistic look without a reference like the person or photo and yet you did it.

arvindh said...

That sounds like a great exercise to hone your skills of observation. Very good work!