Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Getting to know Lotty & Jakey

So, Lotty & Jakey joined our household a few days ago and I got to know them a bit better today. Jakey is easier to draw as he will stay still in one position for a while, and doesn't mind being watched. Lotty on the other hand will either be hiding or, if you're looking at her, she'll come to you for a cuddle and a stroke, so not so easy to draw.

Above are blind contour drawings of Jakey - the first one is in ink with watercolour added later, of him sitting on my computer table as I worked, the second is a blind contour drawing in pencil as he comandeered my chair for his nap - and Lotty (blind contour in pencil, drawn as she was sitting in my lap, the watercolour was added later), and a normal sketch of Jakey in pencil.

To read more about them and to see photos of what they actually look like, go here.


Melissa Connolly said...

Wonderful new kitty drawings! I love the shades of color. Welcome Lotty and Jakey!

shadowsandclouds said...

hoorah! ...i'm so happy at your return to cat drawings! padma is swooning over jakey and says that she wants to go play with both of them! when are you all coming to visit?! hugs