Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Composition exercises

So I decided to just skip that whole dull chapter of my painting course that was going to require me to first sketch and then paint four pictures of different views from different rooms in my house. Perhaps I'll do that another time when I live somewhere with coloured walls, less clutter and more convenient angles and corners. The example they had in the course notes actually featured a room that had not only a piano, but a large dining table, beautiful chairs and lamps, not to mention lovely windows. Lucky for some...

So straight onto the chapter on composition, which was much more interesting. These are my exercises for the first part of the assignment.


changapeluda said...


i bet you have lovely things in your home.
and sometimes it's not so much the window (to get all metaphorical and shit)but what you see out of it.

oooh! I'm gonna e-mail you a picture of what i see out my bedroom window (only because i love you and your art and your heart)

Janice said...

well i like the top one... !