Sunday, October 07, 2007


I'm beginning to understand why doing my painting course work is feeling like swimming through tar. The assignments are extremely prescriptive, the approach very conservative and traditional and doesn't leave much room for the imagination. No wonder I've been stuck.

On the other hand, watching Suzi Blu's videos are unsticking me and inspiring me to paint whatever the heck I want, however I want to do it. As Henry Miller said, "Paint what you like and die happy."

So I've figured out that there's no reason for me to stay within the narrow confines of the assignments. So they want me to sketch and then paint four different views in my house from one room into another. Would it really matter if I zoomed in on the four stripey coloured socks hanging off the radiator instead of trying to get the perspective and angles of the white walls correct? It is a view from one room to another after all. Besides, I can't really "fail" these assignments. I'm not getting graded for them. Whatever I send to my tutor, she always says the same thing. "You're doing fine, carry on." Honestly, if I hadn't paid several hundred pounds for the privelege of being told this, I'd quit. But then, that would be failing. And I'm not quitting. So I'm going to do it my way.


Nina said...

The best art, comes from the heart.

You are not a quitter baby. Do it your way and die happy! :-)


changapeluda said...

Woooo Hooooooo! Right on.
I love a good taking of the bull by the horns!

nĂ  said...

yay! that sounds like a good dose of common sense, paint your way, the course way sounds very....dull!!! and you, well, you definitely aren't dull!!! i posted up a reply on my blog where i have stuck up the recipe for the pastry! enjoy! tell me how they turn out! i miss you!!! hugs x

changapeluda said...

i watched that video

Thank you thank you thanx my friend!!*!*!

i am already punctuating juicier &~JUICY~ is GOOOD!

Tammy, you turn me on, baby!