Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The joy of diversions

Really, there are so many things I should have been doing today. Like my painting course homework, writing overdue letters, returning phone calls, eating lunch. But here's what I did instead...see the little guy leaning on Lottie? Well I made him! For some inexplicable reason, I had this strong desire to make a felt cat. So I did. He's my first. Isn't he tiny? I didn't know what to stuff him with so I used some old bubble wrap!

And now there's even less time to do the things I should have got done today. Oh well, at least I did some art journalling. And I also finally did some yoga after a very lengthy "break" from all forms of exercise due to sheer lard-ass laziness.

Ok, I don't feel so bad now.


changapeluda said...

Fun! Whenever you take up a needle and thread do you feel like those chicks in Little House on the Prairie?

Or is that too very American?
Covered wagons and Pioneering and whatnot.

Nina said...

I love your stuffed cat. I also love the art journal page.

Sod it. Who cares if you are not doing things as planned? You managed to get your lard-arse to do some yoga. I cannot even drag mine a few inches away from the bottle:-) ha ha

BTW. did you ever receive my letter/card via snail mail? With the post strike and what not, may be it got lost? ( i sent many weeks ago...). Am also wondering if I've sent it to the right address. Plus, I haven't seen you on my blog for ages.

I hope 'we' are OK!


nĂ  said...

hey you, good to see you around again! the little guy is sooo cute! well done! i love his little red nose! rudolph the!!! ace!!! big hugs x
p.s. - come teach me yoga!!!