Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Been busssssssy!!!!!

I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in 10 days! Sorry guys, been busy, some life-changing stuff going on too and way behind on xmas gift making. Damn these weekends away that I am forced to go on! Who books weekends away so close to xmas?? What was I thinking????

Last weekend I was at a music festival in a miserably cold and wet Butlins buffeted by gale force winds in Minehead, most of which is really best forgotten. And this weekend, I'm off to sunny Madeira!!

In the meantime, hope you are all having festive fun and that you are hand-making with love lots and lots of wonderful gifts and not spending money on crap. Ho ho ho!!


nĂ  said...

heyhey, you are ace!!!! i love the directness about spending money on crap, i miss you!!!! you're funny! it's good to see you back on the blog! have a great time in madeira, how long are you there for? big hugs, catch up with you soon x

Forever Young said...

butlins to madeira, what a difference.
thanx for your letter, i was so excited when it arrived, will answer asap,
and congratulations :-)

Forever Young said...

wed on't spend money on xmas gifts any more, we give the money we would've spent on that person to a charity of their choice.

Andrea said...

Great lines and colors here!

You and Steve both got yesterdays answer of Ani DiFranco right, I flipped a coin and Steve was the winner. Keep trying, okay?