Thursday, December 20, 2007

merry xmas and all that...

Just wanna say a big thank you to Andrea at BGD for her generous holiday giveaways. I won the red pens!! Yay!! Thanks Andrea.

I'm a little stunned that xmas is coming next week. I don't feel ready, but I kinda like that. Planning for something far in advance always takes some of the fun out of it right?

Paul and I are going non-traditional for xmas day and having masala dosas and curry. But we will be having a traditional xmas dinner (veggie style) on boxing day with Paul's brother and family.

Whatever you're up to, have a good one.


Forever Young said...

hope madeira was good. i prefer untraditional xmases. enjoy, be happy, and hope you got my letter.

changapeluda said...

yes anything untraditional is OKAY by me!

Hey Sweeeetface yourself!
i got your lovely mandala and
promptly hung it from the ceiling with the eucalyptus bark and it dangles loverly right by the see-thru plastic man with all his innards showing (an educational toy from the dollar store) THank you ever so.