Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Best of 2007...

1. Book I loved most:
Fup by Jim Dodge

2. Albums I've loved most:

Lady's Bridge by Richard Hawley
Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

3. Best cinema films seen this year:

Climates (Turkish Film)

4. Best gig(s) I went to:

The Decembrists at the RFH
Richard Hawley at The Roundhouse

5. Favourite art exhibition:

Louise Bourgeois at Tate Modern

6. Best place(s) visited:

Frida's Blue House, Mexico City
Oaxaca, Mexico

7. Most memorable meals:

Freshly home-made pesto, bread, pasta at Tumatica Cafe in Oaxaca

The lunch at Samphire with Mad in Whitstable

8. Best "vintage" film/TV watched on DVD

The Dekalog Series by Kieslowski

9. Favourite TV Show


10. Favourite memorable days:

The day Jakey & Lottie arrived

Going to Whitstable with Mad

Monday, November 26th 2007

11. My own favourite pieces of work:

a) Damascus, in pastels

b) A pair of pears, in pastels (see masthead image)

c) The self-portrait I did for Paul for xmas, below


Andrea said...

Great list! I am jealous you saw the Decemberists and went to Frida's house. Nice!

changapeluda said...

This list is the bomb.
You got some diversity and Color and groovy taste and i just love it.
My godchild (we baptized her when i was 17! my cousin lil josie was only 14 when she had her, can you imagine?!) is half Oaxacajena...she's beautiful and tiny and she has a little baby boy so she asked me to be his godmother, too.

Happy New Year, Heartful!
May it be Bountiful and luscious.

Forever Young said...

helloooo from oz, like your list lots, happy new year to you and yours, and a very exciting 2008 it's going to be for you too!