Sunday, March 25, 2012

Right now

I'm feeling a little sad and I wanted to say so.  I don't know why.  Sometimes, when it's been a lovely day or I've seen something beautiful, it makes me sad.  There is a magnolia tree in somebody's front garden in my neighbourhood.  I love magnolia trees.  When I saw it, for a moment, I thought it was full of quiet pink birds perching.  It made me stop, its beauty clutched at me.  And then I felt sad.  I didn't see it today but when I thought about why I might be feeling sad, that is what came to me.

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Annette said...

Beauty is such an interesting thing. It can really tug at your heart and I it can make me cry with a bittersweet pain. It's odd, isn't it... Or, maybe it isn't sadness but the hear overflowing and it just feels like sadness because it's strong. Not that I know; just typing as I think. It's an interesting observation that you've made.