Saturday, March 24, 2012

Simple Pleasures ~ Scintilla Project ~ Day 8

What are your simplest pleasures?

Finally, a nice easy question!  Especially since this is the second time I’ve been asked it this week...

feeling the sun on my skin ~ standing in the open air, anywhere, and looking up at blue sky ~ the smell of Jake’s head ~ a slice of lemon drizzle cake ~ a still warm cup of tea ~ hot buttered toast ~ a candlelit bath, scented with aromatherapy oils ~ breathing ~ breathing in downward dog ~ the feeling of spaciousness at the end of a yoga session ~ getting into freshly washed pyjamas or a bed dressed in newly washed sheets at the end of a long day ~ a good book + my duvet ~ the sound and warmth of Yoshi purring in my lap ~ eggs and bacon ~ a kiss and a hug from Jake ~ a hug from a dear friend ~ hearing someone I love say my name ~ playing my ukulele ~ closing my eyes and letting a great song live right through me ~ seeing the sea ~ the sight of cherry blossoms ~ the pair of robins I saw on a silver birch today ~ a poem that sings and breaks my heart at once ~ episodes of In Treatment ~ long, slow, deep kisses ~ going to the cinema ~ crispy duck pancakes ~ the sound of Jake’s breathing deepening, just as he’s fallen asleep ~ sleeping in a tent in an attic room ~ lentil soup ~ the smell of rain just before it arrives ~ the sound of rain just as it arrives ~ the colour red ~ black ink on white paper ~ standing before my bookshelf, deciding what to read next ~ writing on Show Me Your Lits ~ the rosy glow of sunrise on red brick ~ laughing, especially with friends ~ the sound of Jake’s laughter ~ being with wonderful people ~ writing a letter by hand ~ receiving a handwritten letter ~ a steak Bavette with fries and green beans from Café Rouge with Mad ~ sleepovers ~ sleep

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Annette said...

Oh, this is a WONDERFUL list!!