Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fantasy wishlist: Dream Daddies

Just in case you think I've been gettin' too serious lately and suspecting that I don't know how to have fun...

My friend Kate over at beforeiforget wrote a blog post called The Daddy Issue.  I suggest you go read it then come back here... since I read her post shortly after my Scintilla post all about my Daddy breaking my heart (boo hoo), I was positively tickled by her list of famous Daddies she'd like to have in her life and was inspired to make one of my own.  Here goes...

My Daddy...Bill Nighy 
(need I say more?)

My Step-Daddy...Billy Collins 
(a funny poet, what's not to love?)

My Grand-Daddy...Gandhi 
(just look at that smile!)

And my Sugar Daddy...Gabriel Byrne 
(I've always thought he was a bit of alright and he just seems to get better with age...
now I think he may also be my fantasy therapist, after watching him in In Treatment)

I just want to say that I love my Dad.  Despite all the heartbreak, we have as good a relationship that I imagine we are able to have.  But hey, a girl's allowed to dream...and it's told me things about myself and the kind of men I'd like in my life...things I don't think I'd really thought about  too, don't tell me you aren't thinking up your own list...

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Kate Alexander-Kirk said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for shout out, Tammy! :)

Gabriel Byrne is hot...! :)