Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the most beautiful thing

 Jake being a banana tree
My boy, the most beautiful thing ever to come out of me, without a doubt, hands down, 
no contest.
I didn't really know what love meant, until I was given the privilege of being his Mummy. 


TheWeighing of the Heart

What does the heart weigh?
More than the pull of your small
hand on mine?  More than your head's
light heaviness on my shoulder?

Under the tender pressure of sleep
my old wool jacket becomes
your memory of consolation, comfort,
that ancient sweetness of love and tweed.

Remembering this, watching you,
I lose my place entirely, not knowing
whose the head, whose the sleeve,
whose the big hand and whose the small.

The Ancients measured a good heart
against the slightest puff of down,
in the gleam and glitter of delicate scales.
Like Thoth, we watch and wait.

What does the heart weigh?
Less than your head's tiny burden,
for lighter than a feather is love
and this the Egyptians knew.

- Maura Dooley

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Fiona Robyn said...

Love it :)

Annette said...

Yes! Our children are the most beautiful thing!