Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love love never gets old

I don't care what your faith or religion is, what your name is, where your home is, whether you're enlightened, multi-talented, an uber being with a great mind and a great following, lowly or high in 'status', wear labels or make your own clothes, buy from supermarkets or pick your own peas, work in an ivory glass tower or sweep the streets...what good is any of it without love, without kindness? 

"For love is action.  It is not saying or wishing or hoping or longing.  And it is in the details."

"Any part of the world completely seen is the world.  When we come to glimpse being in this way, no one is surprised by the fullness and the emptiness of things."

"...we must begin loving everything by loving ourselves.  With breath we begin and end life.  With breath we feel another breathing next to us.  There are no thoughts attached.  We just do it.  Can you not also feel the breath that is more deeply in you than you are yourself?  It is love.  Breathe it and you breathe everything."

(all quotes from St Nadie in Winter by Terrance Keenan)

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