Monday, June 04, 2012

100 word diary ~ 4 June 2012

I am rather fond of moments of insight.  I live as if I’m supposed to see them everywhere.  It’s annoying cos it gives the impression that I know what I’m on about.  Words aren’t the truth.  Just cos this is written doesn’t mean it’s complete and infallible.  If these entries were spoken, would they feel less weighty, or make me feel less twitchy about being misunderstood?  Does it matter?  Don’t we only see what we’re inclined to see anyway, react to what we’re inclined to fear?  These words are not the sum of me.  Then again, who knows what is.


Annette said...

I'm liking this 100 word diary that you are doing and look forward to your posts. Where did you come up with the idea? It's a good one!

Heartful said...

Thanks! Years ago I used to write on a site called something like 100 or 100 words, where entries were kept private for site users only to read. I don't use the site anymore but I like to do this every now and then because when I read old entries I appreciate the details I wrote down which I would otherwise have forgotten.