Saturday, February 04, 2006

First attempt at a self-portrait in ink

From life, in a mirror, using dip pen and ink only 29.1.06 Posted by Picasa
For my drawing in colour course

These were the instructions - to draw from life, using a dip pen and ink only, drawing on A2 sized paper. You can't see the whole thing but trust me, I made me look like a pregnant middle-aged baboon. Not just not pretty, which I don't mind, but also not good. Found it hard to see why anyone would choose to use a dip pen and ink to do a portrait.

My tutor's comments: I think that your two self-portraits using pen and ink were the two most interesting drawings submitted for assignment 2 (see second attempt at self-portrait for other one he refers to). It is their uncertainty that I like, they seem to me to have an intense engagement with the subject, a searching for the self in external appearances, that is perhaps most evident in self-portraiture.


sim said...

Just popped back to see how you were progressing,
I see you've been going for it.
Good for you.

Drawing in ink.
I hate to say this but I actually find drawing with a Bic Medium and Bic Fine can produce realy good effect when shading & cross hatching You would be supprised how much variation in tone you can get from a disposable pen.

But you are right ,back in my school days **** years ago, (lets just say last century) I was given pen , pot & inks. Not a nice medium.
Don't dismiss anything after one go though.

the heartful blogger said...

Thanks Sim. I've also been experimenting with fine nibbed markers and felt tips, and my trusty fountain pen and I prefer them all to dip pen. I'm glad I didn't give up though, and who knows, I may still use it in future.

bingo and betty said...

... excellent!