Wednesday, February 22, 2006

From my journal

Just passing through...(a page of lemons) 21.2.06
drawn with marker pens Posted by Picasa


Slimbolala said...

For some reason, this off-kilter picture of a blue lemon in the middle of a bunch of its yellow brethren is very satisfying.

Tony S. said...

What the...? I like the originality and kookiness of where the idea to draw this came from and the color scheme of it. However, I can't quite see or feel what it's trying to achieve or communicate to me. It feels like this was just a random idea that you put to paper. Perhaps, this was its purpose...or am I just looking way too much into it???!!!

the heartful blogger said...

It was pretty random. I have a card that a friend gave me that I really like, it's a bright photo of a cluster of yellow lemons. It's stuck to my wall. I opened my journal, wanted to draw something, looked at the lemons and thought, hmmm. So I started to draw them, but I wanted one blue lemon in the mix. Don't know why. When it was finished, it looked like the blue lemon was flying over the others, so I called it "Just passing through..." I guess I could go all deep and meaningful and say it represents how I have often felt about being slightly outside of things, a bit kooky, as you say, but then again, it could just be a quirky little drawing I did in about 10 minutes. (By the way, I drew this the evening Arsenal beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu!)