Saturday, February 04, 2006

Second attempt at self-portrait in ink

Second attempt at a self-portrait in ink 4.2.06 Posted by Picasa
Again for my drawing in colour course

Those of you who know me might actually recognise me in this one. In attempting this version, I went with the philosphy of "why make things difficult for yourself when you can make them easier?"
ie. I drew this from a photoshopped photo of myself, to help me work out where the lines and tones would be. Then I drew an outline in pencil and did the rest using dip pen and ink (even though a regular fine nibbed pen would have worked just as well), and black marker for the hair. I think this drawing is a lot better than the first one. So I didn't follow instructions to the letter for this assignment, but does it matter if I made a better drawing and learned something in the process?

My tutor's comments: I think that your two self-portraits using pen and ink (this one and my first attempt) are the two most interesting drawings submitted for assignment 2. It is their uncertainty that I like, they seem to me to have an intense engagement with the subject, a searching for the self in external appearances, that is perhaps most evident in self-portraiture.


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Tammy, this is beautiful! I especially love the skin texture and the sheen of the hair.


Karen Winters said...

I like the stylized look of this. Nice work.

Alina Chau said...

These drawings are awesome!! Love your style!!

sammo said...

There's a real interesting quality about this piece.... nice.