Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wonderful times. Jake sang all day, little songs he made up (“Nonny, nonny, nonny” and “Babby, baby, boobie”). I’ve never seen him this happy. He ate and pooed happily. And tried finger painting. The only blip was his crying as I began cooking. He was just tired though and needed a nap. Ironic that after such a day, I thought for the first time that it could be alright to return to work. Maybe because T emailed to say they’re missing me. It would only be for three days a week. If it doesn’t feel right, I could always resign.


nadia said...

That looks (and sounds) like such a fun day! Another artist coming along there, I see!

big hugs x

Isadori said...

Lovely pics again! I'm back at work for the first day today and it's going surprisingly well.... well, apart from the fact that I'm moping about, reading the BLW forum and all things baby cos I miss my boy!