Sunday, February 28, 2010


I’m losing interest in the 100 Days project. I struggle to find ideas and haven’t looked forward to drawing, and even when I start, I haven’t been enjoying it. I’m actually glad it’s ending soon. A couple of weeks ago, this thought upset me. I knew I’d miss the virtual camaraderie that’s come with the project. But it already feels like it’s tailing off and coming to a natural end. It also doesn’t seem that significant in the face of the changes coming our way - Jake going to nursery and me returning to work after almost two years off.


Anonymous said...

I suppose everything has its season. We move on with what we enjoy spending our time on. You've really achieved something with your 100 days, it was a long commitment to take on!

I'm glad you've come to a (provisional) decision about going back to work, hopefully you'll be able to channel your energies towards making it work and it will be the right way forward for all of you.

Beth said...

I was feeling pretty much the same way, and I've just written a post and thrown in the towel.

It was too much to cope with as it was, but going back to work last week just tipped me over the edge. Work in itself is good, and Jacob has settled in really well at nursery, but having massive 100 Days items to do on top of it all was just too much.

It's nice to catch up with what you've been up to, glad to hear Jake is doing so well and hope your return to work goes smoothly. I'll be here to virtually hold your hand if you need me.

Love to you xxxx