Saturday, February 20, 2010


I keep changing my mind about returning to work. Something someone said to me keeps going round my head. What with the childcare costs and everything else, the work has to be rewarding to be worth it. On the other hand, it would be good to be a (relatively) independent person again. It was also suggested I become a childminder as a solution to childcare difficulties. But it’s not for me. Being a parent doesn’t mean I’d be happy looking after other people’s children. It’s hard work, long hours and it would be difficult to separate work from home life.


solveig said...

It's such a tough decision. I've gone back to work part time, but my job isn't rewarding and I question why I'm doing it every single week. I do it purely to bring in a bit of extra money, but that bit extra makes the difference between having to watch every penny and not having to.

I know what you mean about child minding too - not for me either.

S x

the heartful blogger said...
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the heartful blogger said...

It's true that earning my own money, even a little bit, would make a difference. Not so much about watching the pennies (it would be more about cutting out luxuries and learning to live less "wastefully"), but so I wouldn't have to be entirely dependent on my other half for money. Thinking this way sometimes makes me feel selfish though, and I try to balance that out by remembering that we would be "saving" on childcare costs.

solveig said...

To be honest, I guess my salary is also the 'luxury' bit, although without it we'd have to be careful with things like how much we spent on food each week, which I hate the thought of.

Like everything, there are pros and cons. Part time working should be the ideal solution, but I still find myself questioning why I'm doing it.

Good luck with your decision.

nadia said...

Maybe you don't have to make a concrete decision right now... you could try work, just to see how it feels for a short while, and then if it is good you could keep up, and if not you could resign. It's probably easier that way that resigning now and then changing your mind.

Not an easy call though.

N x