Friday, September 03, 2010

3.9.10 ~ the joys of babywearing

Note: unless you are a babywearing enthusiast, much of this post may well sound like geek-speaky jargon.

The power of thought is astounding. For many many months, I assumed and believed that carrying Jake in a back carrying position in our Yamo carrier would be difficult. In fact I believed it would be impossible for me. So I never even tried it. Just yesterday I got the Yamo out and put it back again almost immediately, exasperated with all the straps and buckles.

But I’ve been having strong feelings of wanting to carry him again and started looking at hip carriers but felt guilty about spending money on another carrier when we already have two. I knew my kari-me sling wouldn’t be supportive enough. It had stopped feeling supportive enough when he was nearly a year old. So I got the Yamo some months ago but had only ever used it in the front carrying position. Lately I’ve been looking at various blogs and sling websites and dearly wishing that I could be one of those people who could pull off a back-carry. Mainly because I lusted after a beautiful woven wrap. But I was sure it just wouldn’t work for me.

Then today, something shifted. I stood up, said, “Damn it, I’m not gonna know unless I try am I?” got out the Yamo instructions and I bloody well did it. I got it on the first try. Jake was a bit freaked out and kept asking to get down, and the straps did need some adjusting, so I let him down and did the adjusting and we tried again. And guess what – it was perfect. I was comfortable, he was comfortable. There was no pain or strain on my back at all. I was just going to go out with him for a short trial walk but ended up going all the way to Sainsbury’s and doing a normal morning out with him. He did get down when we were in Sainsbury’s – to push the basket for me of course, and he also wanted to walk part of the way home. But it was so easy getting him in and out, even when we were out.

It was a revelation. It felt so good I was walking around with a big smile on my face (something that doesn’t come naturally to me!) It also felt great to have him close to me. I loved having him rest his face against my back. He even held and stroked the back of my arms when he started to feel sleepy. It was soooo lovely. Just overcoming this one obstacle made me feel like I could do almost anything. So, the next time you think you can’t do something – think again!

I just wish I’d seen all the pretty patterned carriers before I bought my plain ones. I might have to keep an eye out for a mei-tai for bubba no. 2. (And no, I’m not pregnant yet).

(I've also decided to try the Scootababy on a 5-day hire.  If I like it, there's someone who might be able to sell me her used one at a good price.  Yup, I think I'm a sling addict.)


Beth said...

Yay I'm so pleased for you! Get yourself over to the forum at natural mamas and look at the for sale or trade board, there's tons of yummy wraps, slings and carriers in all kinds lovely colours and patterns.

I am totally kicking myself that I didn't try a woven wrap before, it is so supportive and surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Do it!

tree shadow moon said...

Glad it worked! That photo is really gorgeous!

nina marsh said...

I just got something similar for my son, lol its a bit of a killer walking up hills though feels like im pregnant again.