Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These things made me cry today

1) Jake asking Paul if he'd had a nice day when he got home from work.  (It was the first time we've heard him ask that).  And then when Paul asked Jake if he'd had a nice day, Jake said, "Oh yes, playing jumping on sofa with Mummy."  It's definitely the longest sentence he's spoken so far.  (Proud Mummy tears)

2) Unexpected tears poured from the depths of my sad little soul when I watched this video on you tube:


The Loi Krathong song is a song I remember from childhood trips to Thailand.  I watched a few different versions of the song, mainly sung by Thai people, but for some reason, seeing these two non-Thai people sing this traditional Thai song with such heart (and excellent pronunciation!) made me bawl. 

(I looked it up because I went to visit a friend yesterday who'd lived in Thailand for many years and she mentioned that her 3.5 year old is currently addicted to watching the Loi Krathong song on You Tube.  I have yet to find Thai lyrics written out phonetically in English.  I'll just have to try and work it out myself.)

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tree shadow moon said...

...HUGS!!!!!!!!!!! (wish I could deliver them in person!) xxx