Thursday, September 09, 2010


I know I've been unusually quiet here.  It was an entirely unplanned break, but one I need.  A break in my routine so I can come back to it feeling refreshed.

Plus, I've been squirrelled up in my creative brain, getting ready for a new project.  All will be revealed in time, but here's a sneak peek...

Let me explain.  I received my redundancy cheque yesterday.  (Yup, I am now officially an unemployed layabout stay at home mum living the life of Riley).  And I spent a tiny portion of said cheque on these beauties.  I was a tad over-enthusiastic, but embroidery threads are not expensive and there isn't a haberdashery near me and I don't get a chance to pop into town that often so there you go.  When I took them to the till, the check out person asked me if I was sure I had enough colours.  Rather than give the same wordy and boring explanation I just gave you, I told her it was for a community project.  She was duly impressed and didn't ask me any more embarrassing questions.  It's not lying, it's saving face.

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Theodora said...

That's a beautiful picture. And a beautiful project. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.