Sunday, September 05, 2010


I was going through Jake's baby photos, looking for ones of us "wearing" him and I came across these...

In the kari-me at 2 weeks old.
We didn't use it much in the very early days
because it was so hot when he was born.

16 weeks old

6 months old ~
Around this time Paul started carrying
Jake in the Baby Bjorn

We stopped carrying him at around 10 - 11 months
when he was happy to go in his buggy.
I didn't carry him again until Feb 2010,
when I remember walking around the hospital ward
with him in the Yamo.

Today, looking grumpy at 25 months

And finally, at 6 months.
This photo pretty much sums up my first year of motherhood.


changapeluda said...

oh! what a Beautiful family!

this brought tears to my eyes
(really good ones)

Glovecat said...

That lovely first photo with a tiny Jake reminded me of a waking dream I had the other night. I was sleeping with Megan beside me in bed, but my half-awake/half-asleep brain thought that she was much tinier, and with black hair, and beautiful dark almond-shaped eyes, and she was YOUR little girl. Just wanted to share that with you! :D I guess the night feeds are making dreams and reality blend, though I wouldn't complain about being too sleepless, as Megan loves feeding lying down, so we get a decent amount of sleep. Hope the baby-making is going well! xxx

Heartful said...

Wow, that's a lovely dream Em!

Glad lying down feeding is working well for you, I did a lot of that in the first few weeks!