Friday, October 15, 2010

The Joys of Life with a Two Year Old

Being bossed around...

"I be back, stay there Mummy"

"Don't want do it, Mummy do it"

"I want cereal!  I want farl!  I want chocate!" etc etc
And upon being presented with said demanded item, "Don't want it"

Having to endure endless reruns of...

Train videos on You Tube (oh my god there are soooo many train geeks out there)

Justin Fletcher's Nursery Rhymes (and not being able to get the image of angry inflamed arses out of my mind upon hearing hot cross buns)

'ister Tumble

Refusing to have his nappy changed

Today's example:  Can I change your nappy Jake?

"No.  I drawing now.  I drawing Sponboj"

His creativity...

"Jake, can you please pick up the paper you threw on the floor?"

"I drinking tea now.  Mummy do it.  Pease."

And my very favourite...his made up songs. 
Most of them are very endearing.  His latest one however, could do with some work...

Mummy Mummy (awwwww) horsey horsey (erm....okay....) knickers knickers (heh?)

Mummy horsey knickers!

Thanks kid. 

At least he still wants cuggles.

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Kim Carney said...

i miss the two year old. Precious times! My son is now 19 and it just seems like yesterday! ;0