Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The magic of kisses

Yesterday Jake & I (well, mainly I) were making a Charlie & Lola mobile, printouts and instructions courtesy of the cbeebies website.  Jake did some of the colouring in and I did the rest.  It was a day of having to make the best out of bad instructions.  Suffice it to say that the website instructions were far too simplistic and I had a bit of a struggle with the thing to get it to balance.  Jake watched me and said, "Mummy not happy?" I told him I was having a bit of trouble with the mobile.  He watched me a bit more and then said, "Mummy want kiss?"  The power of a lovely kiss!  It did make everything better.

A close up of the mobile
Photo taken by Jake

Unfortunately no number of Jake's kisses could rescue my disastrous attempt at Ash-E-Jow, an Iranian barley soup.  I wanted to use up the pearl barley that's been sitting in our cupboard for yonks and stupidly went with the first vaguely interesting recipe I found on the internet and only realised too late that it was a shite recipe.  Not only did it leave out several key ingredients, it said it was for "1 serving".  Now I knew it couldn't possibly mean for 1 person, but I did not think that what it actually meant was 1 serving for a family of 8.  So now I have a pot of plop for 8 people.  I've thrown half of it out and hope to rescue the remainder today.


affectioknit said...

Kisses are sweet! Best wishes with your soup...

Anonymous said...

I love magic kisses. They are the best thing about being a mother!

tree shadow moon said...

Ah, sweetness! The mobile looks great, by the way.
I really don't get on with cooked barley, so I think it was the world's way of letting you know that it shouldn't be eaten! ;)