Monday, October 25, 2010

The things they say...

After another weekend of staying in and wondering if I've got some rare terminal illness that starts in the sinuses, gives you green snot for ages and makes you ridiculously tired (and annoying), I ventured out with Jake today.  Just cos it's such a fun and action packed place to go, we went to Sainsbury's. 

We just "needed" a few random things...12 - 18 month onesies (yup, he's only just outgrown his 9 - 12 month ones), a bottle of elderflower cordial, some granola, fish fingers and because Jake saw it on Show Me Show Me and I absentmindedly said we could get some and he didn't stop reminding me, cheesecake.  And because we went past them, we also came away with Peppa Pig stickers.  It didn't go too badly.  Jake only cried a few times (tiredness), but that short trip absolutely exhausted me.  When we got home, my attempts to get Jake down for a nap failed and he almost had a meltdown because I couldn't get the damn stickers out of their packet and unpeeled fast enough...

Want bus, bus bus!!! (Peppa & her family in a camper van) Want bus now Mummy, (WAIIIILLLLLL) bus now, now.  Need bus!

Train, train, want train, need train, want train noooowwwwwwww (Peppa & her friends in a train)  Need train NOW!

Star, star, star, want star, want star, need star nowwwwwwwww (tiny star too friggin' tiny for adult fingers to handle)

Peppa Pig!  'Nother Peppa Pig, 'nother Peppa Pig.  Peppa Peeeeg NOOOOOOWWWWW!

Nerves were fraught, tears and snot were everywhere and I was just about ready to scream. 

And then...

C'ock, c'ock, c'ock!  Need c'ock, Mummy!  Want c'ock!  Need c'ock now!!!!!!!!!

Yup.  He still can't pronounce his l's. 
Lucky for him I found this utterly hilarious. 
Especially when I realised it could've been worse. 
He could have been shouting "Mummy need c'ock" while he was holding the stickers in Sainsbury's.

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Trying to be a better parent said...

You just made me laugh out loud with this one! Thank god they make us laugh now and again or else we'd go insane that much quicker...