Thursday, February 10, 2011

10th February ~ ug!!!

aches and hot flushes
but I still have to be a Mum
(for at least half a day)
a mug of fevergrass tea
holds all my hopes

walking home in the rain
I wonder how it is possible
to be frustrated and enchanted in equal measure
by a small boy stopping to jump in every puddle
and pick up every stick and throw it in the stream
of water running along the sides of the road into the gutters
and running sticks along railings
oblivious to the wet in his shoes, socks, hair
and to his sick and tired Mummy
shouting “Come on Jake” a little too much


Jill said...

You're so matter what, you still have to be a mum, eh? Hope you feel better soon!

Sam Pennington said...

Aw, nothing worse than having to struggle on amusing small boys while you feel grotty, is there? Hope you are feeling better. You're still writing and drawing, so you are a much hardier soul than me! If I'm ill, that's it!!!

Anonymous said...

that second paragraph - I think that every time I am out with Felix - so guilty for hurrying him and so stressed as am invariably cold, wet, hungry, needing to feed or change Ammi and/or late for wherever we are meant to be! As ever you put it really well (and I am a little relieved to see it is not just me!)