Saturday, February 05, 2011

5th February ~ 100ish word diary made of stones

There is no sky today, only cloud and dark grey light.
Although I know it isn’t pressing down, a part of me disagrees.

A small dog lies on green matting under a market stall. 
He trembles and the noises around us suddenly seem louder.

After yoga, such a tangible sense of space in my body
that I visualise it in a diagram, somewhere between the heart and lungs.

I forgot about the bubble wrap under the book on the floor.
Stepping on it lets off a noise like scatter-gun farts.
This time it makes me laugh.
Maybe because I feel lighter.

As I spread Marmite on Ryvita, I remember
kissing Jake's plump cheek, the taste of wet tear and peanut butter.


Anonymous said...

I adore this. Perfect little moments.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Love the bubble wrap stanza because it makes me laugh. Well, I love the whole thing.