Tuesday, February 08, 2011

February 8th ~ a small stone (and 100 word diary)

Jake watches his shadow punch the air, carefree
delighted with himself, he turns to me with his mouth open
spilling out laughter


It's been a day of mixed blessings.  Gorgeous light, first sunny day since Thursday and I really wanted to take Jake out.  But we have both been tired-cranky-brittle and I haven't had the patience to be understanding about his toddlerdom, his frustrated hitting, his sudden loud crying when he doesn't get what he wants.  Although his naps are rare these days, he really needed one today.  After an hour and a half of cajoling / shouting / negotiating / persuading, he succumbed while I held him on my lap, his head falling onto my shoulder.  Finally too tired to resist.

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Sam Pennington said...

Haven't dropped by for nearly a week, but I've loved catching up with all your posts. And I miss the days when my two still had naps, but they're 10 and 11 now!